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Something 'big' is coming

We create right-sized rentals with the right rent, right where you want to be.
We believe your money is better spent building your life than paying for unused space.

Urban living for half the rent

We want you to live in town so you can LIVE in town. 
Pay for the space you need, only when you need it. It's real estate that fits real life.

Why right-size?

The number of renting households in the U.S. has grown 3.5x faster than overall household formation. And despite all the new apartment construction you've seen, supply has not kept up, leading to record high rents. This means the average American renter now has to make meaningful trade offs between paying these high rents, or compromising on quality, space, privacy, or location.

HALL+HAVEN is designing new apartments to provide high-quality urban living at half the rent without compromises. Smart, simple floor plans provide all the same features and amenities, but let you pay for only the time that you use them.

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Turn your two cents into $5. We're building this for you, and we'd love ten minutes of your time to talk through our concept and get your feedback. Use the form below and we'll schedule a phone call at a convenient time for you. Receive a Starbucks gift card as soon as we hang up.

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